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Nothing is embarrassing in exploring your fantasies, and if you have one for anal, then you are at the right place. Anal toys in India are a new trend to open up new doors of pleasure. Anal toys in India are gaining popularity, and it is turning out well. Whether you are curious and never tried it, anal toys can offer heavenly satisfaction.

Use the best Anal Toys

There are varieties of anal toys available in the market, such as anal plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers. So, with all these options available, how do you know which is the right one? Don’t worry; we will solve the queries, and later you can work it out in the bedroom; take it slow but right.

Anal beads

Anal beads are the best for the beginner. Anal beads have cascading sizes, which means they start small and get bug and burly. With slow work, you can work up to the big bead size.

Anal beads can easily be incorporated into routines either for solo or into couple play. They are versatile, and with variations such as vibrating functions or a naughty arrowhead style, they are fun to use with. Buy the best anal toys for her at Sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys

Anal Plugs

Anal plugs, also known as butt plugs, are plain awesome as anal toys for guys. Anal plugs are a great intermediate to start your foreplay journey. Easy to use and clean, anal plugs are fun in the bedroom. Anal plugs have come in different sizes and shapes, and they have a broad base. Anal plugs are supper erotic and amp up that pleasure power. Many handy accessories come with anal plugs. Buy best anal toys from at Sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys

Anal dildos and vibrator

You can use your vaginal dildo as an anal toy, but pro-status regular dildo is challenging to handle for beginners. It is difficult to clean and disinfect as elastic dildos have small contours and protrusions.

These dildos are the best anal toys for her and are designed to provide the anus with maximum pleasure. Also, it is intended to stimulate the prostate; hence is ideal as anal toys for guys. It is excellent for feminine orgasm too. The new trending dildos in the market are the vibrating ones that you can pair up with other toys but don’t forget to use a lot of lube. Buy anal toys from  Sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys

Male prostate toys

It’s not taboo to use anal toys for guys. Male G-spot is only accessible from inside the rectum. Stimulating this area can heighten the sensation and enjoyment of intercourse for males. Prostate toys and massagers act to protect men’s health and are the other excuse to start using an anal toy. Buy best anal toys for men from sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys


If you are entering into the world of anal sex toys, you should be aware of things. Anal sex is exciting; create new sensations and rock your orgasms. But unlike other things, Anal toys have to be appropriately learned before introducing them in the bedroom. Before knocking that back door, read this.

Let’s begin.

Communication is mandatory

Always talk to your partner and communicate. Whether you want to start with anal beads or just a vibrator, always take your partner’s consent about like and dislikes. It should be for both the pleasure., both have to be excited for this newcomer in bed. Anal toys are not to be pressured and not do something you are not ready for, and even if you are excited in the starting, you can always change your mind.

If you don’t know how to talk about anal toys about your partner, read some books or articles, or you can ask us, we are happy to answer all your queries. 

Take it Slow

Anal sex toys are slow to indulge with. No matter how excited you are, never go for anything to something big with anal sex toys.

Usually, anal toys time takes time to go on for a full play. Keep communicating, and if you feel uncomfortable or it hurts, make sure to stop. You can change the pressure and size as per your desires. Just relax and have fun because anal sex should not be painful and stressful.

Use Lube

Orifices such as the vaginas and mouth are self-lubricating, and hence body produces its own lubes. But anus is not that area. Anal toys need a lot of tubes to work with. The tissue of the anus and rectum are not fragile and absorb harmful chemicals; hence more prone to get infectious.

With the help of lube, these tissues will be intact and protect from problems. Always use approved, safe water-based lubes. This will help you from irritation.

Also, condoms are a great way to keep things safe and wild. Offering protection against STDs will also help to reduce friction. You can use it on anal toys to keep it a clean and better experience.

Choose the right anal toys

Make sure to use the right anal toy that is designed especially for it. If you choose the wrong anal toys, they can get lost between the muscles and sphincters of the anus and rectum. Anal toys should have a broad base that can prevent the toy from getting stuck or lost.

Toys such as anal beads don’t necessarily have a base but have a ring, and that will allow to control it easily by the user and make it ideal for the couples play

Maintain Hygiene

Anal toys can help the couple or help in solo play to explore their body and fantasies. You can embrace the new height and hit the climax. But it has to be kept in mind that once you use anal sex toys, it will make you use it more, so with this in mind, you have to keep your body clean and the anal toys. Choosing anal toys made of silicone or glass is easy to use and clean. Also, many sex toy cleaners can help keep the toys in good shape. It will rock every time you decide to use it.

Talk to your partner and always play safe, maintain hygiene and use the best lube.

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