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If you have experienced a dry hand job or a sex rash, this article is for you. From sex cream to erotic massage oil, there are plenty of lubes and lotion available to fit your requirements.

Sex toys are to be used with consent and with sex lube. Yes, our bodies supply us with some amount, but each person creates wetness in different ways.

Things like stress, age, hydration affect the amount of lube the body makes naturally. You must have seen in the porn that spit is used as a lube, but it’s a last-ditch effort to spice up the moments, but it contains many bacteria and is not for intimate areas.

So here comes the role of sex lube.

What is Lube?

Lubes offer excellent options no matter what type of sex you’re enjoying. Anal sex requires a copious amount of lube. Lube makes sex comfortable, longer-lasting, and fun, and also, with lube, you can switch to a sex toy and go again. If you hesitate going down, flavored lubes are also available to taste it like a popsicle. If there is performance anxiety, desensitizing lubes are also available, and with delight toys, your order will be delivered discreetly. 

Sex Lube doesn’t leave stains and is easy to wash. Try different sex lubes, and you will be ready for any mood or position you were waiting for.

Lube and your health

Sex cream, massage oil, chain lube, lube oil, etc., are various options you get to make your experience right. The male arousal process can be done quickly with sex creams. 

Massage oil helps to boost your sex drive. It will help you get into a romantic mood, and this lube oil contains nutrients to keep your skin soft and smooth and work correctly on sensitive skins too.

Many women sexual discomfort and dryness, and hence lube oil is perfect.

Whether you are gay, straight, bi, and want to go solo, vaginal or anal, lube is what you require. Keeping the area well hydrated, you can also use chain lube for anal and prevent yourself from discomfort, disease transmission, and well-lube toys feel incredible.

Types of Lube 

There are varieties of Lube available in the market, of which there are four bases; the rest are the variants.

  • Water
  • Silicon
  • Oil
  • Petroleum

Water-based Lubricants

 It is also known as versatile lube and can be used in sex or with sex toys. They are safe to use with condoms- latex or non-latex and relatively economical and easy to find in any drug store. The upside of water-based lubricant is that it can be washed off easily. Also, it reduces the chance of condom breakage.

Though its drawback is that it won’t last long as couples hope, it can lead to using more and more during intercourse to maintain wetness. Shop best lube oil  from Sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys

Silicone-based Lubricants

If you want a lube that stays longer, silicone-based lube is the one for you. It feels smooth on your sensitive parts and is long-lasting. 

The downside is it deteriorate the surface of the silicone toy, and it doesn’t rinse quickly. Also, it cause 

Irritation if not washed away in a short time after sex. Both water and silicone lube safe to play with condoms. Buy best chain lube from Sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys

Oil-Based Lubricants

 If you don’t want to be bothered by reapplying lubes, then oil-based lubes are the best to keep going. They are fun to play with and great for massages, but they can weaken the latex of condoms, and chances increase for the condom to get ripped, increasing STI and pregnancy chances.

Also, they are associated with vaginal bacterial infections. Also, it can ruin your expensive sheets and is challenging to clean up. Buy the best lube from Sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys

Petroleum-based lubricants

As the name suggests, petroleum jelly or mineral oil is known to cause inflammation in some women.

Try various lube before you get the right one and if any of them cause an allergic reaction, switch to another. A gynecologist or sex therapist can guide your better if necessary.

Shop best sex lube from Sex Toys Online: Best Adult Toys Shopping in India | Delight Toys and enjoy discreet shipping.

Say No to this

Lube shopping is the tricky one as there are so many options available, from flavor to natural or warm to tingle. This lube is fun to start and use with, but sometimes you have to be careful for its ingredients as it can disturb the pH down there, causing you the irritation of inflammation.

A healthy vagina should maintain a ph level of 3.5 to 4.5, so the lube should have the same, to begin with. Buy the one that suits your toys, your partner, as well as the condom.

Lube is simple and easy to play, so lube up and take your sex life to the next level.

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