Sex Toys for Women in India

Sex toy- A word that was considered taboo, openly said, and used on the public screen was unexpected in India. Using a sex toy is not limited to solo fun but is now trending to be used with significant others. 

Sex toy opens up the sensation and explores G-spot that you cannot experience with your hand or partner.

Age is not a barrier when it comes to pleasure. Female sex toys can help treat menopausal symptoms such as improvement in sleep and menopausal sweating; It can also help in a situation like lack of arousal, low libido, boost immunity, reduce stress, pain and increase brain capacity.

The latest trend in women sex toys

A traditional vibrator and Dildo were available in the market. Still, now with the advancement of technologies, considering all the erogenous zone and pleasure points of women, sex toys are being designed. Female sex toys such as panty vibrator, bullet vibrator, egg vibrator are the trends. Such vibrators can create different sexual sensations leading to multiple orgasms.

Type of sex toy for Women

There are various sex toys for women in India, such as:

How to use sex toys for women?

Comprehensive options for sex toys are available, but ensure to buy “skin-safe” products. Ensure what kind of pleasure you want to invest in, whether for clit stimulation, to hit G-spot, or for both. Don’t forget to use the water-based lube as it will give you more pleasure. And lastly, practice good hygiene. Wash your toys with soap and water, or go for a specific sex toy cleaner.

A sex toy is all about that “oomph” you want. Just try, buy and talk to others to buy it.


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