Masturbators for men

The Spider is lightweight and discreet, it actually looks like a dumbbell.

However, the pronounced ends hold the secret.

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Vibrators for women

Check out our new G-spot Vibrator that you’ll fall in love with.

Comfort that gives you extra care & wildness that you’ve never ever imagined.

Lubricants | Delight Toys


Sex is best accompanied with lubricants.
Shuffle between our gentle lubes to enhance the sensation and maximize the comfort.

Penis Enlargement

It’s never too late to get your little Boo-Boo into action.
Try our bathmate hydromax to enhance the power and size of your hammer and be the THOR of your girl.

Penis enlargment | Delight Toys

Popular Male Female Sex Toys In India

Discreet Packaging

Every product ordered is shipped in plain boxes or plain envelopes!

The Best Quality

All products are thoroughly checked and verified to meet the highest level of hygiene standards!

Discreet Billing

Site name – – will not be mentioned on billing statement!

Privacy & Security

Along with your sexual needs, we take care of your Privacy Preferences as well!

What Is Sex Toy? Where To Buy Sex Toys Online In India?

Sex toys, also known as adult toys, are objects people use to have more pleasure during sex or masturbation. Sometimes sex toys can also have medical uses if you have sexual dysfunction or a medical condition.

There are many different types of sex toys online that you can buy, and people use them for many different reasons.
Nowadays, It is normal to use sex toys in India, but it’s also totally normal not to — it’s a personal decision, and everyone’s different. As long as you’re using sex toys safely, there’s nothing to worry about it.

The purchase of Sex Toys Online has become a great boon to the customers. They are not easily available in the stores. Buying Adult products online is becoming a new trend now.

In India, you can buy high-quality sex toys for men & women online at DelightToys. DelightToys is the pioneer brand that introduced erotic commerce as a legitimate category in the Indian E-commerce industry.
Delight Toys have a wide range of custom clear sex toys. Vibrator, masturbator, dildo, lingerie, and lubricants are available to add up more fun and satisfaction to your sex life.

Changing Mindset about Sex Toys In India

With the modernization and advancement, most of the Indian population have indulged themselves towards western attitudes and interests. This enables the sexual liberation of the one.

The change in attitude has been noticed in both genders. Even couples these days are spicing up their life with the help of couple sex toys.

A totally new approach is seen in the current generation regarding sex, relationships, and sex toys. People are ready to spice up their lives with the use of high-quality sex toys.

They want to dive deep & explore the various new ways to get maximum pleasure. Perhaps the conversations between the two have become more open, and couples have started opting for different sexual positions.

Getting at most pleasure and an unforgettable orgasm is something that everyone deserves, be it male or female. Real masturbation is something, which leaves you screaming from “oooo” to “oooowwwhhhh”. It is scientifically proven that having good sex and orgasm is good for health. Do you know orgasm can reduce your scale back stress?

Nowadays, Sex Toys is incredible when it comes to having great cum. Sex Toys in India are now highly in demand, as there are very few places to find one. And the recent study says that an Indian adult woman buys sex toys more often than an adult Indian man. Sextoys are now appreciated by singles as well as by couples. DelightToys is an online store that sells sex toys online in India, with discreet shipping.

Rich Indian History of Sex

The Kamasutra, ‘ known to be the oldest book on sex, proves that Free Sex has always been an integral part of Indian society.

We need to dig deep into the old Indian culture and history.

It’s important to note that Hindu gods and goddesses had very liberal views on sex.

Sex was considered a taboo in India for some time and still in some remote parts of India. Also, it is considered a very secret affair without any free discussion outside the bedroom.

Legality of Business

Our adult toys are 100% legally imported and can be sold in India officially. Most people consider the selling of adult toys is illegal, but that’s not the case now. You can easily brighten up your personal life through easy purchases from us.

New Attitude Towards Sex Life

But now, things are slowly changing because of the awareness of sex education and the impact of western culture on India.

The films & Television industry also contributes a lot to the changing behavior and approach.

The Internet revolution has opened the world and created a global village. This has resulted in the exchange of cultures, lifestyles & interests at lightning speed.

Buy Adult Toys In India from Delight Toys

Delight Toys doesn’t just make the purchase of sex toys accessible but also makes it easy and discreet. All the products delivered by us come in discreet packages where the product’s name is never mentioned on it.

Even the billing comes by the name of RUDRAVEER STORE. So everything is confidential, and your privacy is kept at the highest level.

We have a secure payment system with multiple options like cards – debit & credit, UPI wallet, net banking, bank transfer, cash, etc. COD is available at selected pin codes where our courier partners’ services are available.

The convenience of Online Purchase

In the past few decades, a dramatic increase in the purchase of sex toys online has been noticed, especially in big cities of India.

One such reason is exposure to western movies and TV series.

It is likely to encourage the viewers to connect closely to the level of sex.

Now you can order your favorite adult sex toys from the comfort of your home & get delivered with total secrecy. Delight Toys leads the way in providing a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.

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