100% Legal Business

100% LEGAL

All the products that are available on Delighttoys.in are legal for sale in India. Some consumers may presume that the wide range of products sold by Delighttoys.in are illegal.

However, Delighttoys.in would like to put this presumption to rest by assuring its customers that all Products sold on the website comes under legal business category. At Delighttoys.in, we ensure discreet delivery without fear of scrutiny or embarrassment.

None of our products transgress laws pertaining to “Obscenity”. All Our Products have been approved, cleared and sanctioned by Customs authority of India. We just don’t promise and give assurances; we deliver and ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Delight Toys complies with all norms of legality, maintains highest standards of hygiene and offers products of the top international and local brands.

Our Legal Business Position

The products on Delighttoys.in have been carefully identified for import and sale in India. The products imported are duly custom cleared with the payment of duties and surcharges as per the Indian Customs Act (1956).

Delighttoys.in ensures that the products it imports are not regarded as ‘obscene’ under the Indian Penal Code (1860).

We try to ensure that the products are not advertised in a manner that could be seen as violating the The Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act (1954), and The Indecent Representation of Women Act (1986).

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