Privacy & Security

100% Confidential Shopping Experience

Along with your sexual needs, we take care of your Privacy and Security preferences as well.

Privacy Security of Highest Level

We will never ask for an email addresses or other sensitive information unless it is required for serving you well while processing your order.

We never sell any of our customers’ information to any third party.

For complete privacy, you will not see any of your card or bank statement. All our charges come with the name Twilight Enterprise which might even make you think twice about this charge.

We keep our security terms uptight, even our employees can never have access to any of our customer’s private information unless it is required to serve you.

By placing an order with us, you authorize us to use your sensitive information in order to serve you better.

How we use your information

Shipping address – It is used in order to ship your order to the right place.

Phone number – It is used for communication by the delivery boy at the time of delivering your order. Your orders are shipped with the concealed packaging which makes sure that the delivery boy does not get to know what is inside the box.
Your phone number can also be used in order to send you the shipment tracking numbers or to have your valuable feedback which helps us improve our services.

Financial Information – Your Card/bank account information is only used to process the one-time transaction authorized by you.

Email Address –

  • To send you a copy of the order
  • To send you the shipping confirmation
  • To send you a short customer satisfaction survey
  • To send you ‘Reminders’ for products you opt to be reminded for
  • To send you information relating to new products or promotions on the website
  • To send you information about issues that we believe may be of interest to you

You can anytime unsubscribe from our email services in order to stop communication through email.

Legal Issues – If in case a transaction gets involved in a legal dispute: we will be bound to summon the information in the form of a witness. We would have to furnish the requisite information in such cases. If this occurs we will always try to contact the customer first in order to inform the legal obligations.

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