Kaamraj Ayush Ayurveda Lubricant (100ml)


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A lubricant is used to reduce the friction offered by the Vagina of a female to the entry of a penis. It can be applied over the vulva of a female to make it wetter or over the penis to make it slippery so as to facilitate smooth entry of the penis inside the vagina. This makes sex, a versatile and dynamic experience for both partners by significantly reducing the levels of pain and itching. The Kaamraj lubricants are offered in eight different flavors so as to enhance the overall appeal of the sexual experience. Also, the product is made up of 100% natural ingredients brought from the Himalayas, making it safe and free of any side effects. Benefits: Reduces Friction and Irritation: A lubricant helps in reducing friction, therefore, facilitating smooth intercourse. Leads to A Comfortable Sexual Experience: By facilitating a smooth intercourse process, a lubricant makes sex a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Reduces Pain: A lubricant reduces friction by making the vagina or the penis slippery and therefore, significantly reduces the pain levels. Enhances the Overall Sexual Experience: By reducing pain and facilitating a smooth inter-course, a lubricant enhances the overall gratification of sexual intercourse and leads to greater pleasure.


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